Amey and DofE boost career prospects of over 200 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Gloucestershire

MARKING a 40 per cent increase in DofE achievement rates from the previous year

Amey, which delivers highways services and improvement schemes across Gloucestershire, together with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) has helped over 200 local young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their DofE Award during 2016/17 – a 40 per cent increase from the previous year.

Amey partnered with the DofE to enable the business to have a greater impact on youth skill development throughout the UK, particularly for those young people who are marginalised or at risk.

The partnership aims to improve young people’s employability chances through the reach of the DofE Charity; whilst doing a DofE programme, young people develop skills like teamwork, communication and problem solving, as well as enhancing social and community cohesion.

New figures released by the DofE show that last year alone 33 per cent more young people achieved their Award nationally than the previous year.

“Together with the DofE, we’re supporting communities by providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills and experience that many employers look for, which in turn can help deliver real societal change. Through our long-standing partnership we’re helping to create a pipeline of talent and reduce the growing skills gap by developing our apprentices and increasing the employability prospects of young people locally. Through the DofE young people step outside of their comfort zones and develop skills that can be life changing,” said Amey Chief Executive Andy Milner.

Heather Thompson, Director of the DofE South West, said, “It is fantastic to see more organisations supporting the DofE in Gloucestershire and this has enabled more young people than ever before to take part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. There has been a 16 per cent increase in the number of people taking part in the last 12 months, and of those young people six per cent are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Looking ahead we will be working closely with all our partners in Gloucestershire to increase access to the DofE for all young people in the region.’

Amey also offers its apprentices the opportunity to achieve their Gold DofE Award through the DofE’s Business programme.

In 2014 Amey reaffirmed its commitment to local communities by expanding its partnership with the Charity to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the areas it works.

Nearly 500 Amey apprentices have started their Gold DofE since Amey integrated the DofE into its apprenticeship scheme in 2010.

The skills Amey apprentices develop through DofE Business enhance their ability to progress their careers.

Completing a DofE Award can have a huge impact on the young people who take part.

Amber struggled with her self-confidence and had been a voluntary mute for over two years before beginning her Gold DofE Award at school.

During the course of her DofE activities, she gained confidence; undertaking her expedition with her team mates and volunteering at her local library.

Her teachers noted a marked increase in her predicted grades, due to her increased confidence to discuss her ideas in class and contribute to discussions.

Her DofE Leader said ‘The DofE has, without doubt, played a significant role in building Amber’s confidence. As a result, Amber has the self-belief, confidence and determination to have a truly successful and fulfilling career and make a positive contribution to wider society.’

The surge in completion rates is driven by the dedication of delivery organisations and volunteers in increasing opportunities for young people to do their DofE locally as well as through partnerships with businesses like Amey that believe in the DofE’s ability to encourage soft skills development.

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