A new campaign to protect the public from the effects of wireless technology

THE ancient Romans were sickened by seemingly safe lead pipes carrying drinking water.

Last century we were unaware of the dangers of asbestos and tobacco.

Today wireless technology is a major pervasive threat to health, invisible and imperceptible.

But the DNA in the cells reacts to it: with continued exposure the micronuclei clone and proliferate - this is the cancer mechanism.

In 2011 the World Health Organisation classified this non-ionising radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen.

Wireless radiation fills the air around us with an electrosmog of radio and microwaves from masts, mobiles, cordless phones, wifi-ed computers, microwave ovens and smart meters.

This technology has come so fast we haven’t had time to ask Is it safe?

There is no proof that it is.

Mobiles and wifi have never been tested for safety, and no insurance company will underwrite the mobile industry.

Microwaves were developed in the ‘60s by the Russians and Americans as weapons.

They were never meant to be used in our homes, schools, hospitals, offices and public places (Humanity on the Brink by Barrie Trower, ex-British military physicist and whistle-blower).

No wonder so many of us are feeling under par and brain tumours are the chief cause of death in children in the UK.

Dr Andrew Tresidder, a Somerset GP, describes the effects of wireless devices in a letter to fellow GPs.

He sees patients with headaches, tinnitus and insomnia who, when they stop using cordless phones, have no more of these symptoms.

He urges us to use landlines and cabled computers.

Suppliers of electricity, gas and water are on a roll to install Smart Meters.

These emit pulsed radio and microwaves 24/7 that go through the walls.

The adverse effects are felt almost immediately.

And because there is a strong groundswell of resistance to them the suppliers are calling them 'upgrades' to make them sound acceptable.

Smart meters are not mandatory in the UK, as they are in the US and Germany (where they're knocking them off the houses with axes).

If you are concerned about them, simply write to your supplier to say you don't want one.

A campaign has been launched – Stop Electrosmog – to alert the public to the dangers of this radiation.

A stall in the High Street will focus this campaign on Fridays from 10am and Saturdays from 9am.

This matter is becoming all the more urgent with the unleashing of 5G, now trialled in Gateshead, where more miscarriages have been reported and the bird and insect populations have dropped drastically.

To learn more about all the microwave-emitting devices google Bioinitiative.com or StopSmartMeters, or The Truth about Smart Meters (Brian Thiesen).