All about Lilies at Stonehouse Gardening Club

EARLY in March, Don Everitt treated 26 members and visitors of the Stonehouse Gardening Club to a fascinating look at lilies.

Known to mankind from at least 4,000 years ago, (as shown in Cretan frescoes), these are the oldest flowers depicted on paintings.

They are found worldwide and have symbolised many things from chastity and purity, to royalty.

It flowers in sixes, (six petals, stamens and seedpods), and you should plant them six-seven inches deep from the top of the bulb.

The speaker was full of management tips; when you cut lilies for vases, cut only the stem length you want, as the remainder continues to strengthen the plant; keep picking off the recent invader, lily beetles, and get rid of them organically.

The next meeting of the club, on April 4, starts at 7.30pm with a plant and second-hand garden goods sale, followed by the AGM and free tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes.