AT OUR last presentation before Christmas, club member Jenny Parker revealed whom she thought was the 20th century’s greatest symphonist.

Thus we were treated to a selection of music by Sibelius ranging from his earliest to his last years.

Having lived to be over 90 he had a substantial output of music, much of it written to help the cause of re-establishing the Finnish nation after years of being annexed by other states.

Thus we heard familiar pieces such as the Karelia Suite, Finlandia and the 5th Symphony.

Much of his inspiration came from local folklore and nature, giving us for example The Swan of Tuonela, amongst others that Jenny played.

Indeed we listened to several lesser known pieces from the Sibelius repertoire, all of which confirmed his reputation as a great modern composer.

After a short winter break, the club programme resumes on January 23, 2019.

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