THE Door Youth Project has been nominated for a Stroud News and Journal Community Award.

The project has been nominated for Best Community Project by Stonehouse Town Council.

In the nomination the council said The Door deserves to be nominated because:

They have shown themselves to be a caring organisation that has young people uppermost in their minds during the design and delivery of their service/s.

They think outside the box when confronted with challenges and are prepared to go beyond what is normally expected of them by a host authority.

Whilst they are a contractor employed to deliver youth services for Stonehouse town council, the client/contractor relationship is viewed more as a partnership arrangement, building on trust and openness between the two organisations - this ultimately delivers for the youth of the community.

When dealing with youth services, it is often difficult to fully appreciate an organisation's true achievements, however there have been some noticeable ones over the past couple of years:

1. Local outreach work to ensure young people are not left isolated during the height of covid - this was unprompted but had great value to young people

2. Development of an online video presence to engage with young people that did not feel up to attending physical get-togethers

3. Engaged young people through meal-times by offering access to cooked food at the meeting place and also offering young people to help cook the meals

4. They have shown to be very effective in curtailing anti social behaviour amongst young people through their engagement through schools and 1-1 s directly with individuals.

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