THERE is much truth in Rachel Beckett’s Opinion page article on the importance of climate change (page 48 SNJ, March 8).

Yes, we are at the point where human induced carbonisation has reached a level where its damaging effects include melting ice caps, warming oceans, turbulent weather patterns and a decline in many wild life species.

To put some figures on this – according to NASA land based ice is diminishing at 216 billion tons per year; the world’s oceans are acidifying as they absorb two billion tons of carbon dioxide; the world has seen 10 of the warmest years ever over the last 12 years – producing drought, flash floods and severe weather partly due to world temperature rising 1. 7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880.

These are extraordinary very concerning figures and we need to take even more action than we currently are.

Rachel identifies that “when things aren’t right a hero” such as William Wilberforce the slavery reformer is needed.

I would go further – we need all in our community to do what they can, in the circumstances they are in to make their contribution.

Transition Stroud – “Inspiring action for a more sustainable future” is there to help and support individuals and groups – and where necessary provide the skills and funding to develop community initiatives addressing climate change.

Let me give some examples.

Transition Stroud is working in partnership with the Quakers to develop a “Transition Streets initiative” to work with small groups to look at each individual’s carbon footprint – and how it might be reduced; or the repair café we run to reduce landfill by fixing things.

Or addressing the issue of plastic – learning what the devastating effects are and how we can reduce our use of plastic – see Stroud’s Living Without Plastic blog A friend said “for me climate change is the only issue in that it affects all others”.

All of us need to be leaders to do what we can.

Transition Stroud can help provide a framework of support and disseminate positive initiatives.

Do join us –

Erik Wilkinson

Voluntary director at Transition Stroud