SHOULD parents of unvaccinated children feel ashamed of themselves?

Stroud was once famous as the centre of a cluster of cases of meningitis.

Now it is famous as the centre of a cluster of cases of measles, many of them being unvaccinated children.

Should the parents of unvaccinated children feel ashamed of themselves or proud of themselves?

They should feel proud of themselves, and here’s why.

To decide whether vaccinations are a good thing we have to compare the relative risks of vaccination and the disease itself.

Measles protection is provided by the measles part of the MMR vaccine.

Some versions of this vaccine contain more mercury in one shot than the maximum safe dose for a year.

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet and the symptoms of mercury poisoning resemble autism.

Since the introduction of this vaccine the rate of autism has increased alarmingly.

There is good evidence that the MMR vaccine is implicated, and a US whistleblower has shown that US authorities have been falsifying data to conceal the link.

There is also another undeniable reason to believe that vaccines can be damaging.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US has so far paid out many millions of dollars for vaccine damage.

Vaccines contain lots of ingredients and many of them are toxic.

Some contain formaldehyde and genetically modified organisms.

The list is shocking.

We need to compare this with measles.

Although alarming and horrible, in the vast majority of cases this illness is followed by complete recovery.

Mostly, it is a dangerous disease only if complicated by serious malnutrition.

The vaccination causes more problems than measles itself.

In a developed country like the UK the risk involved in having measles is lower than the risk involved in the vaccination.

The media are not reporting the dangers of vaccinations so they are failing to do their job.

Consequently it is widely assumed that vaccinations are safe, that critics of vaccination are crazy, and that parents of unvaccinated children should be ashamed of themselves.

In fact nothing could be farther from the truth.

These parents are courageous, and are revealing the scandalous cover up of the dangers of vaccinations, and of the MMR vaccine in particular.

Vaccinations, GMOs, biotechnology, artificial intelligence: all these seem to provide exciting benefits.

But there is a dark side to them.

Much of the progress humanity is making is unnatural and some of it is a threat to life on earth.

We need to go back to nature - and be grateful to the parents of unvaccinated children for helping us to the find the way.

Everything I’ve written in this letter can be confirmed by research on the internet.

The World Mercury Project, set up by Robert F Kennedy Jnr, is a good place to start.

Peter Adams

Registered homeopath Stroud Natural Health Clinic