IN response to John Beecher’s letter ‘Not in favour of Vince plan’ I’m writing to share my concern should Stroud Trust win.

Having promoted 150 shows at the Sub Rooms for 30 years, I’ve a long affinity with the venue.

It was good therefore to meet Dale with fellow concerned users and promoters.

Dale loves the venue and has used it for Ecotricity events in the past.

Bottom line he wants for it to be able to continue as a venue.

He would continue to employ the Sub Rooms programming, marketing, technical and accounts department staff along with the much used tourist information centre/box office, front of house staff and café.

It was the line however “Stroud Trust and its ‘various experts’ having a better chance of running it” that riled most.

What experts? Of more concern is where the Trust’s money will come from?

How will they retain staff? Likewise the 10K given by Stroud Town Council for a business plan.

As rate/taxpayers, we have paid for it, can we see it please now?

I’m also still in the dark regarding the Trust’s plans.

I’ve tried to engage without success.

Dale’s been upfront.

He has a vision and everything in place to ensure the Sub Rooms continues to exist to be loved and developed into much more of an affordable real ‘community’ venue,which it has never been.

Lastly, on the promised public consultation meeting from 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday, November 18 at the Sub Rooms, with it barely weeks away, nothing has been advertised by the council.

Luckily we’ve had a piece on it in this paper. Where are the posters and fliers which should be on display with the others?

Can I make my own please SDC, if you aren’t going to? Just saying.

Crispin Thomas