ON the future of the Sub Rooms in Stroud.

Posted by ross-h: This article is a very poor reflection of what the Labour Group is actually proposing. Before commenting, readers might like to read the ACTUAL proposals here bit.ly/2hLSoAD

Posted by twogruff: Well, that proposal will effectively stifle any long term investment that a new owner would make.

A 30 year lease on a new build wouldn’t be a problem but a Grade Two listed?

I guess that it would need about half a million pounds spending on it just to make it watertight and bring it up to standard before any right minded tenant would take it on.

Posted by TonyStroud: Well, that’s bin collections going to monthly and £5 to park anywhere to pay for it all. What a waste of time and money.

Posted by saveourwildlife: The new proposal to be brought to the strategy and resources committee on December 5 is as follows:

Good news - we need to keep this historic building in public hands including the forecourt space.

2. To enable the Subscription Rooms:

(i) to be retained in public ownership;

(ii) ensure that the level of council subsidy is reduced

(iii) to continue to be available to the public for cultural use.

Posted by Stroud Town Clerk: The Stroud Town Council and Stroud Trust bid includes a budget of nearly £150,000 for repairs, based on a structural survey we commissioned - you can read the survey report at bit.ly/2zj7ZhW

On the police warning abut a batch of drugs which may be extremely harmful.

Posted by GJP: Nice to see there are none of the poisonous comments that blotted other media reports of this article. Drug abuse crosses the class barrier, and is not a self induced problem only suffered by the criminal / so called down and out community. None of us can be smug about it (these are polite words considering the vile comments posted on GL) We need firm policing to help eradicate drug supply. And understanding for those touched by abuse. Incidentally, I am not some ‘tree hugging leftie Stroudie’. Actually a middle class, middle aged Tory.

Posted by Wilko_UK: Bad drugs? Are there any good drugs?

Posted by An actual scientist: Yes, many of what you might call ‘good drugs’ are generally referred to as ‘medicine’.