Local derbies are different. The form book means nothing. What is important is determination, energy and drive. Cheltenham had these qualities.

For the first half Forest Green did not. They were hustled out of the game being beaten on the ground and in the air. Cheltenham were gifted a goal. Yet again Rovers had given a sucker an even break, in fact more than that they had offered up a gift-wrapped offering! Perhaps it is time for our chief Santa Claus, Sanchez to be given a rest. Manager Mark Cooper had made changes that not everyone agreed with however the players selected should have been good enough to beat a side that defended well but had little else to offer.

The new additions to the team had the chance to nail down regular starting places. None of them did. Inevitably subs were made and with Gunning offering aerial power, Campbell pace and movement, and most important of all Reece Brown bringing midfield control, Rovers looked a different side, passing well and gaining a foothold.

The inevitable goal arrived, surprisingly from a corner but the Cheltenham defenders stood firm. Rovers had given them something to fight for and another win slipped away. The crowd gave an improved performance and The South Stand fans deserve a people of the match award but they received limited support. The efforts of the club to improve behaviour must be supported. a clear pre-match warning is issued concerning behaviour and the advice it offers should be taken on board. The excuse that poor behaviour must be accepted because “that's football and you must expect it”demeans the game and all of us who watch it. Now for Tranmere and our old friend James Norwood. A talented goalscorer James should never have been allowed to leave. Do not make him angry. We know what he can do when riled!!