By John Light

THE amazing Frank Gregan, speaking at the funeral of Trevor Horsley, showed how vital is the relationship between manager and chairman. We were reminded how well the two men had worked together. I suggest the Dale Vince and Mark Cooper relationship is one of our major strengths today.

Trevor would have a proud man.The club he built, did him proud. Organisation for the service was superb in every respect and the programme for the game on Saturday was another fine tribute.

Fine weather, a large crowd,and two of the top teams in the league playing, set the scene for a memorable match, but it did not happen. Manager Mark said the players did not get the basics right and he was correct in that, but something else must be added, the state of the pitch! We play a passing game, which demands a good surface. That was not the case on Saturday.It was hard and bumpy and the players clearly were wary.

One FGR veteran remarked we resorted to too much hoofball. Certainly we tweaked our game to deal with an unsatisfactory surface. After the match our manager shunned any direct concern of the playing surface, but his concern was obvious. Happily there is a fortnight to sort it out. Of course it was the wrong result, but somethings in life are more important than winning foot ball matches.In so many ways that was shown at the weekend. Well done Trevor and well done to the club for making so many of us justifiably proud!