STROUD AC have been competing in a number of races as the spring/summer schedule gathers pace.

Stroud's first runner to cross the line in the London Marathon was Martin Wood in a personal best of 2:43:57.

Stroud's first lady was Lucy Baker, clocking 3:19:42

Stroud AC London Marathon results: Robert Gornall 2:44:44, Andrew Crace-Calvert 2:59:31, John Tierney 3:04:43, Darren Jewell 3:17:44 Jon Brough 3:32:22, Helen Bloodworth, Devon Phipps 3:33, 3:42:27, Mario McNamara 3:43:42, Paul Matarazzo 3:47:42, Diane Rankin & Lee Rankin 3:57:52, Fadi Dahdouh 4:18:31, Nicola Brand 4:45:52, Gill Barrett 4:54:34, Alan Price 5:00:20, Steve Andrew 5:32:52, Kirsty Woodward-Owen 5:43:48.

Manchester Marathon results: First male: Will Hartop 2:58:42

First female: Chrissie Horack 3:18:44 (PB)

Results: Ian Cutler 2:55:57(first marathon), Michael Stevenson 3:30:27, Paddy Clatworthy 3:33:07 (PB)

Also pictured are runners from the recent Brighton Marathon, Great Welsher and Dark Skies Marathon.