Stroud and District AC teenager Annie Testar will earn her first England vest at the Nations Cup to be held at the Morton Stadium in Dublin on August 3.

Annie,17, who last year won the All England School combined U16 & U17 800m title and represented the English Schools in the Home Counties International in Scotland. This year Annie went on to win the All England Schools U18 & U19 800m title.

Annie who has been recuperating after illness was pleased to be invited after being selection for England to compete in the 800m at the Welsh U20 International in Cardiff on Wedneday night as the only guest running for Stroud AC.

Not surprisingly Annie was not on top form but started brightly slotting in behind the lead athlete, at 400m the leader picked up the pace and moved away from the field with Annie on her shoulder, at 600m a second injection of pace left Annie unable to respond as the Scottish Athlete went on to break the Welsh International 800m record. Coach Chris Brown said “Annie was disappointed by her last 200m but that is where she is right now. She has banked a good winter and early summer of training so has a good base to work with and now she is feeling better, some fine tuning over the next 10 days, and she will be a more formidable athlete in Dublin”

Annie will be travelling with the team on Friday morning and competes at 2.20pm on Saturday afternoon.