MANAGER David Horseman apologised to Forest Green fans after their latest League Two defeat.

Rovers lost 2-1 at The Bolt New Lawn on Saturday to Morecambe as they suffered a sixth straight home defeat of the 2023/24 season.

Horseman was far from happy at full-time and suggested that the January transfer window cannot come soon enough. 

"I’d like to apologise to our supporters," he said. "Today it was a mismatch – we were physically weak in every duel and lacked real quality.

"We had probably as many good chances as they had but at the moment they put there’s in and we don’t. Until we start converting, we don’t give ourselves a chance.

"We need more pace and physicality in the team. Whether we have that in the building or whether we get to January and have a look, maybe that’s something we look at."

It was the opposite for the visiting boss, who has high ambitions for his side. 

"It was an excellent performance. Over the afternoon, 2-1 flatters Forest Green," he said.

"We were in control of the match. The goal gave Forest Green some belief but they should have been put to bed long before then.

"We had a lot of top performers today. To come here and control the game as we did was terrific for us.

"I’ve got plans to take this club to the Championship. I’ve got big plans that I haven’t shared with anyone.

"If you give players an ethos, an understanding, willingness,and determination – it takes you far. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – it’s about getting that right and not driving flash cars."